November 12, 2010

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Here comes the SUN…..SunCoast Solar Power:

Making Hot Water for a Manufacturing Facility that uses 3,000 Gallons a day of domestic hot water was the challenge. SunCoast Solar Power met the demand.

After an assessment of the companies equipment. We decided to use the existing 2 500 gallon horizontal storage tanks. We modified the lower tank to use as a Pre heat maintaining 500 gallons of pre heated water @ 125 to 130 degrees F. to draw from.

The upper tank was then tied into a live loop that circulated through the facility. The water from the upper tank, was brought up to operating temperature by a steam plate heat exchanger, boosting and maintaining the loop @ 135 degrees.

The panel structural supports were fabricated from Galvanized Steel, bolted directly to the building’s main roof supports. The 2 rack supports weighing a total of 17,000 lbs were designed in 4 sections, 85+ feet per North and South Arrays.

The 40 collectors are capable of producing from 25,000 to 35,000 BTUs each. The system panels can reach 350 degrees if not controlled by the 80KW self contained appliance, with onboard computer capable of performing, self diagnostic tests, cold start ups, and Carbon Monitoring.. The Food Grade Glycol operates between 175 to 270 degrees.

During peak hours the system is designed to dump hot water directly into the upper tank if the lower tank has been satisfied. The system will than return to the preheat cycle to replenish the lower preheat tank for the next day.

The system is designed to run for 25+ years.  The rebates involved were 30% Federal and 35% State.

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